manishManish Motwani, relentless & passionate serial entrepreneur is well known for having successfully established companies in the technology & manufacturing sector in India.His success revolves around business models that build on small capital, focus initially on break-even point. These businesses have Customer Centric approach and keenly are debt free & on a growth trajectory.Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kinetic Communications Ltd., Kinetic Taigene Electrical Company Ltd., Kinetic Hyundai Elevators and Movement Technologies Ltd. and Ducati Energia (India) Ltd form part of his credentials.

Kinetic Communications Limited is a Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider with a focus on providing solutions from concept to mass production, with hardware & software integration on the PCB. Presently, Kinetic Communications has formed a joint venture with Ducati Energia of Italy for manufacturing a range of automotive electronic products.

Kinetic Taigene Electrical Company, a joint venture between Kinetic group and Taigene Electrical Company of Taiwan & Sojitz Corporation of Japan, is a leading manufacturer of a range of DC motors for various automotive applications.

Kinetic Hyundai Elevator & Movement Technologies is a joint venture with Hyundai Elevator Company of South Korea. It exclusively represents Hyundai Elevators in India and markets, installs and maintains Hyundai elevators and escalators in India. Kinetic Hyundai was the first company to introduce a fully indigenized multi-level mechanized car parking system in India. The company has an extensive Sales & Service network across 22 states with over 2000 installations across India and adds 500 units every year.
In addition, Manish is also on the Board of Directors of ZF India Ltd., and Jaya Hind Sciaky Ltd.

Having studied at the Hyderabad Public School, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications from Chaitanya Bharati Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, India. Alumni of University of Hawaii, Manoa, USA, he comes armed with a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering.

Early work experience includes time spent in Silicon Valley at Advanced Processor Design, Intergraph Corp. & SPARC Technology, Sun Microsystems Inc.

While he works hard at forging new business relationships globally, he is an outdoor man. His hobbies include golf, skiing, squash & diving. But most of all Manish enjoys his time with his teenage son, Sidhant.

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